The Kitchen at the End of the World

The avant-garde 90 min. marionette play 'The Kitchen at the End of the World' tells the story of a cynical poet and a love-sick musician who learn that there is only one remaining original combination of words and musical notes left undiscovered. The audience accompanies the marionettes on their journey to find the last song ever written. My partner William Connor wrote the script and was a puppeteer in the play. I directed the show and made all the marionettes. A film crew accompanied us on our journey from the first rehearsal to the premiere of the show. The first three episodes which I edited can be seen on Youtube. The last and final film is not online yet. After its development season in Greytown, the play was picked up by Circa Theatre in Wellington, one of New Zealand's biggest and most prestigious theatres. The show sold out every night of its season. First episode: "" Second episode: "" Third episode: ""

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