Lepidoptera is part of my Masters thesis entitled Metamorphosis which I completed in March 2009. This cut is a shortened version of the actual film Lepidoptera edited for the New Directors Showcase in Cannes. Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland selected Lepidoptera as the only film from New Zealand to be sent to Cannes in 2009. “a personal, dream-like illustration of the artist’s struggle for self discovery. The social, sexual and linguistic anxieties imposed on the protagonist manifest themselves corporally through a wide array of animation styles and increasingly fanciful film techniques. Freedom – as any good surrealist alchemist or Taoist butterfly will tell you – demands the letting out of all that lies within. A strange and beautiful autopsy.” Michael Tencer If you have time, feel free to also watch the documentary Pupa (26 min, below) which describes the process of creating Lepidoptera.

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